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about us

ALG comprises legal professionals who specialise in law reform, legal policy development and professional training in Australia and Asia.

Established in 1999, ALG has designed, developed and managed over 200 projects.

Our services include technical advice, education and training, program design and evaluation, feasibility studies and cultural insights.

We work with governments, educational institutions, aid organisation, NGOs and corporations.

We deliver our work in Australia and internationally and work and speak in the key languages of Australia, Asia and Europe.



Our Services


Law Reform

ALG reviews laws and makes recommendations for changes. ALG’s law reform services include issue papers, background papers, comparative studies and recommendation reports.

Cultural Awareness

ALG offers cultural awareness training promoting the understanding of differences and commonalities between people from different countries and backgrounds.

Curriculum Development & Review

ALG assists in curriculum development for educational programs for the justice sector. We also review existing law and education curricula, including at tertiary institutions, to improve curriculum effectiveness and improved student learning experiences.


Technical Advice

Drawing on recognised local and international experts, ALG offers technical advice in support of policy development and capacity building. We specialise in law-related projects and cultural awareness.

Education & Training

ALG offers professional training and education to the justice sector in Australia and internationally.

Program Design and Evaluation

Together with stakeholders ALG designs, develops, reviews and refines law and development programs until they achieve their purpose.

ALG conducts program evaluation to measure and assess the effectiveness of a program.

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Law Reform

Technical Advice / Comparative Studies/ Training

Including: Criminal Law, Environmental Law,Intellectual Property Rights, Procedural Law, Legal Drafting


Cultural Insights Training

Workshops / Comparative Studies / Research

Including: Islamic Awareness, Legal Language Facilitation,


Education & Training

Professional Training / Program Design and Review / Workshops

Including: Curriculum Review at tertiary level, Training of Trainers,





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